Charles Dearing

Charles Dearing is a veteran tech and marketing journalist with over 15 years of experience using words to move people to act. He has written for various publications such as ProBlogger, Big Think, Apps World, to name a few.

Make Yourself A Trusted On-Line Authority

Whether you’re writing and producing content for commercial online consumption so as to make money from it directly or so as to utilize it to become known and trusted so that more Net surfers will make their way to your online place of business, it can seem daunting to determine just how to use those words and images in ways that are profitable. What to say? What to show? Where to begin? How to ask people to buy when social media marketing dominates? How to influence people to come visit your content hubs over and over again?

Technology Will Lead to De-Urbanization

Since the industrial revolution, humanity has flocked to the cities, where jobs are plentiful and centralized services make inhabitants' lives easier. However, technology is gradually beginning to reverse this trend. People who have always dreamed of escaping the city for the country life, but who have been held back by a lack of employment opportunities in rural areas, are starting to find that the transition is possible due to recent advances in technology.